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The new Pulsnitz

A warm welcome to the city of Pulsnitz -

It is a town situated between three remarkable mountains: the “Schwedenstein”, the “Eierberg” and the “Keulenberg”

Already in former times the leaflets and booklets spoke about “the city of Pulsnitz, surrounded by three steeped – in - legend - mountains, with stories from the “old Schlieben” (a famous person) , who had been transformed into a tree on the mountain “Eierberg”, the Swedish King Gustav Adolph, who camped with his troops on the mountain "Schwedenstein". (You can still find the deepening’s of the bowls and plates on rocks on the summit!) There is also a special forest on its bottom, the "Eichert". Following a legend, a clever farmer played the Bohemian king a trick: He was allowed to seed and harvest only for one time on this field. So he used acorns… There is the famous landmark of the mountain "Keulenberg" which is closely connected with the legend of the Pulsnitz arms, which shows a disambodied bear paw. A knight from Pulsnitz lost his hand in a fight with a bear. Finally, he killed the bear and took revenge and disembodied the paw of the bear, too… The area between the landmarks of the "Hufekreuz","Mittelmühle", "Hartbachmühle", "Mißbachs Mühle", "Zillermühle", "Thiemens Mühle", the area with the Baroque castle in Oberlichtenau, with the meadow areas of "Klingelwiesen", forest areas like the Vollung, Viehbig, Schlichtigwald, settlements like Thiemendorf, Friedersdorf, Oberlichtenau and Niederlichtenau on both sides of the former frontier river Pulsnitz are now forming the new community of Pulsnitz.

Granted, but there has to go much more together than the areas on the map. About 7.588 people live here now. There are 5.615 people in Pulsnitz city, 597 people in the village Friedersdorf, and 1.307 people from Oberlichtenau. (Dec. 2013)

We should grasp the opportunity now to get closer to each other and have benefit from each other. Each area of the new community offers its own specials, traditions and activities. The economy, the commerce and the trade will get improved by the bigger community, also culture, sport and associations & clubs. We will have to create the necessary administrative structures as soon as possible. The first step had been made already in 2001 when the village of Oberlichtenau joined our administrative district. We also established a separate office for the concerns of our citizens in the year 2005. Today, all named communities have got a common mayor in Pulsnitz.

It depends now on the behaviour of every single citizen, how close – or loose - the life in our community will be. But there is no alternative at all… So let us work and live together to the benefit of all!

© Stadt Pulsnitz